Susan Hull Walker - FOUNDER, Creative Director

ibu is a movement of women around the world growing into economic self-sufficiency through the art of their hands, bearers of both textile tradition and social change.

An ibu ally wraps our hand-loomed luxury around her shoulder or leans into a cushion shining with a woman’s imagination and she belongs to this movement.

Susan Hull Walker (pictured), who founded ibu in 2013, studied World Religions at Harvard Divinity School and served for eighteen years as a minister in Maine, San Francisco, and Charleston, SC.  Returning to school to study Fiber Arts, she learned to weave and speak in the language of cloth. It opened her eyes to the very thing she had been looking for in her previous work - a woman’s way of recording her mind and soul. What she didn’t find in parchment and page, she found in textiles. A woman’s text.

As a weaver, Susan began to work with women’s cooperatives around the world to preserve the skills and stories of their region. Her designs showcase the sumptuous beauty of the world’s textiles for women who want to wear the colors of many tribes, and in them, belong to what is bold and strong, eruptive and free.

ibu allies are rising into a new kind of beauty and strength; glamour that is global and real.  They are wearing authority spun out of the earth’s fibers, dyed with feeling and memory, and woven into vestments which preside over the sacred moments of every day, or home goods which make a house rich in soul.

ibu offers original designs, as well as THOSE of other designers working with women worldwide to bring you the most elegant (and fun!) handmade luxury imaginable.  Ibu’s team, Susan, Austin, Marisa, Jamie, Halsey, Elizabeth and all ibu women of the cloth around the world invite you to rise and join us in this movement of change. ibu, after all, means a woman of respect. This is the new beautiful. Why not belong to it?



Marisa Nemirow
Director of Sales + RetaiL Operations

Jamie Buskey
Director of Manufacturing


VENITA ASPEN - Project manager
Ali Macgraw - Ibu Ambassador
Monica Seeger - Ibu Ally