For most of my grownup life I have been passionate about tribal arts and textiles from all different cultures around the world: I have worn them, decorated with them, collected them. I have lived knowing that real hands have created them, and that often their stories and histories have been passed down with them, leaving me the inheritor of a piece that has secret tales to tell, and a whole legacy of other lives lived in faraway lands. 

When Susan invited me to collaborate with her and her exceptional Team on a line of clothes and jewelry this year, I was beyond thrilled. Susan's eye and knowledge and actual one-on-one relationship with the artisans themselves made this project a Joy from the very first moment. Besides the obvious thrill of working with textiles and jewelry that I love, there was and is the real mission of IBU: helping women in cooperatives literally all over the world to become more powerful and respected in their homes and communities, from Uzbekistan to Colombia, from the Swat Valley in Pakistan to Tanzania, from Brazil to Morocco.....and so many more.

In a time when our world feels so disconnected and fragile, so heart breaking...I think that the possibility of actually reaching out in respect and even awe to women in these distant lands, and being able to help them with their own glorious art to change the quality of life in their villages, is something really fantastic. IBU...."a woman of respect" is partly about just that; and we who bring home bits of these beautiful connections with other cultures and their women, can most probably really begin to feel that Connection with all women, everywhere, and perhaps also feel a softening of the global feeling of hopelessness and separation.

To be able, myself, to create things that use the magnificent arts of these faraway lands in clothes and accessories for our Western way of life, and to FEEL the Joy and Optimism of this fabulous just a privilege. I am thrilled to work with all these women, and so grateful to Susan and her gifted, passionate Team. And to see the changing look on the faces of the women we have been meeting these past two days, in our trunk show tour, has been to bear witness to the growing and hopeful realization that we women are all connected, in our lives and most importantly for the very future of our whole a Planet, in our Hearts.”

Ali MacGraw


Drake Carmody came to DIG SOUTH to network with other professionals and learn about the latest innovations in digital technology and marketing.  His mentor (and Ibu ally), Jane Quin, asked if he might be willing to videotape our ali4ibu event, to which we glady agreed.  Even if you weren't present, now you can get a taste of a memorable day.  Thank you, Drake, for your creative interpretation of our event!  


We are over the moon with Ali’s collection for Ibu - and so are the rest of you, it seems. Ali designed this fabulous pair of pants with slimming high waist, made from vintage indigo strip-weaving from Burkino Faso. Her good friend and couture seamstress in Santa Fe, Sharon Moricoli, drafted the pattern and has created these stunning, lined, gorgeous creatures that are flying off our Ibu shelves. Fabulous fit, each one of a kind, from XXS-XL.  Most everyone who slips them on falls in love. Just in this week: more! and in varied sizes. 

Ali with Sharon Moricoli.     The Moricoli pant ,   one of a kind Burkino Faso vintage indigo into lined, fitted trousers.     $495

Ali with Sharon Moricoli.  The Moricoli pant, one of a kind Burkino Faso vintage indigo into lined, fitted trousers.  $495