Her grandmother is from Ghana; her father from Guyana, South America, her mother is Danish/American. Growing up, her arm jingled with bangles from India, where her father worked for the World Bank.  Alyson Cambridge is a global composition, bursting forth in song on the stages of New York, Chicago, DC, LA, London, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Beijing - Charleston!

One of our country’s most celebrated voices, soprano Alyson Cambridge rocks the world stage. Fulfilling the operatic roles of Mimi, Madame Butterly, Violetta, Donna Elvira, and now, our beloved Bess, in the Spoleto production of Porgy & Bess, Alyson is championed for her powerful, clear voice, her subtly in acting, her radiance in being. But, I want to say: there's more.

When ibu ally, Gregg Smythe, read our newsletter two weeks ago on Dressing Bess, she called immediately. Well, why don’t you really dress Bess? she asked. Let me make the introduction.

When Alyson went to our website, she was moved by the images. Bold, strong, chic...are the words that came to her...and as a performer, I appreciate the truly stunning visual impression they make!

When she came to the showroom, Alyson tried on look after look, loving each one more. I felt instantly transformed in every piece I put on...I was ready for a sophisticated cocktail party, a garden party, a house party, a red carpet night at the opera... 

Alyson Cambridge has agreed to wear her ibu out onto the world stage as an Ambassador of our Movement. I couldn’t be happier -  having this radiant being illuminating the world with ibu. Having earned every right to be a diva, she chooses instead to be an ibu. Generous of heart. Joyful in spirit. Gorgeous any way you look at it. And now she picks up this challenging score for her next act: singing a new song for women everywhere. Bold. Strong. Proud.


Here's to Alyson,
All the Bess ~
Susan Hull Walker