And Above All Thanks 1.jpg

It's a mantra. A daily prayer. A way of life. Gratitude.  

It's how I want to live, and strive to do so, and fail, of course, but return to gratitude again and again. It's the only thing that makes sense to me in the face of this astonishing world, however torn and reeling it is: to say thanks for all of it. For the hot mess as well as the miracle of it. For the challenges as well as the enchantment. For the whole rushing maddening beauty and brokenness of it. 

When I stand back and look at the year that has passed, I am dumbstruck by the pure force of women coming together to make things true, fair, beautiful. Like streams to the ocean, women are giving themselves to one another and to the whole, throwing themselves into the currents, belonging to one another across boundaries that don't mean anything anymore. As though to say, until the world of us is fed and stable and educated and earning a living worthy of a life, none of us will stand by idly. It is staggering to me how much we care.

So, in this moment of pause, when work is set aside and friends and family pull up to a table and say thanks, I am pulling up these faces of so many (and so many more) women who have touched my life and made of it a thing of joy. My gratitude is to each of you, allies and artisans and artful friends, each, for your strong presence in my life, for your hearts open, for your creativity unleashed.  

Merci. Gracias. Shukran. Grazzie. Tak. Danke. Grazas. Obrigado. Salamat. Asante. 

With Thanksgiving,

Susan Hull Walker