Each Saturday of this holiday season, the ibu team wants to surprise you with some of our most celebrated pieces.  ON SALE. "ibu doesn’t do a lot of sales", you say.  Right-o, since we are committed to artisans and their livelihood, and it doesn’t leave a lot of margin for mark-downs.

But then we think about You, and all of our ibu allies who are so loyal and enthusiastic in your support and we want to say thank you.  And then, it just seems the right thing to do - to give our allies a chance to jump into something luscious you’ve been eyeing.  You’ve been loyal and enthusiastic in your support.  Now, here’s our pre-holiday season giving back to you.

This Saturday, we are featuring our entire collection ofNaga Now:  hand-woven ponchos, ruannas, and tunics from easternmost tribal India.  Including, yes, even our brand new ali tunic!.  Our latest is so named because of all the ibu offerings made available to her for her generous modeling, ibu ambassador, Ali MacGraw, wanted to wear this one home.  She knows the story of this tunic, woven by a group in Nagaland that is newly created to source ibu with original pieces.  She loves this border of handsome stripes -  which look so modern and chic but which happen to be a most traditional Naga design, as well as the crisp woven squares that populate it.  She loves the handmade red tassels that premier artisan, Tiala, wrings from the friction of wrist and thigh, the careful decorative stitching that joins the tunic in the back and front, the simple design that makes this piece a joy to wear.  The black version of this tunic is dressed in hand-beaded cowrie shells, just the way the old Naga pieces for elders and chiefs were ornamented.  You can see them on the vintage man’s shoulder cloth behind Ali, circles of magic.

And not just the ruannas and tunics.  We’re marking down the Naga necklaces and belts you love, too.  New ones, old ones, all of them.  It’s a Naga Celebration and something you might no want to miss.  25% off hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-woven, hand-stitched beauty and luxury.  Online and in store.  Yours because you’re an ibu, and we want you to rock your stuff.

all the best,
Susan Hull Walker