Ibu Loves NYC

ibu took to the streets of NYC to revel in the lights of the season, but only after welcoming the city’s design aficionadas to a taste of ibu in the ravishing city apartment of Charlotte Beers.  We delighted to see ibu embraced with the enthusiasm of new allies - what a clap of applause went up!  Look for lots of excitement in the spring as we unveil the new collaborations begun this week.  

Behind this quiet debut is a Champion ibu.  Even before ibu was a word on my tongue, Charlotte Beers was calling it out.  She was the muse who inspired.  She was the mentor, coach, and midwife throughout the birthing of ibu.  Having once purchased 21 of my weavings which hang in her stairwell, magical vestments in miniature form, Charlotte urged me to conjure them life-sizefor women to wear.  Garments of strength and spirit.  And so I did. 

It is a beautiful thing to have someone hold a dream with you.  Charlotte never allowed my vision to be sullied, diminished, forgotten.  She persisted in the art of encouragement.  And so, this week, when she opened her home in New York, introducing others to the dream that we both nurtured over years together, it was a high moment of gratitude. 

From my perch in the sparkle and glow of New York in it’s finest glory, I am wanting to toast your dreams.   Each of us kindles our longings in our quiet places.  In this season of waiting, of hushed expectation - may your strongest and deepest joys be placed at the altar of hope.  And may you find the friends to hold them with you, and tend them in resolute love.  What greater gift can we offer one another?  

With love and thanks to all of you who have not only carried my dreams, but allowed me to hold and honor yours ~

all the best,
Susan Hull Walker