The World of Wambui

When I took ibu garments to a gathering of editors and stylists in New York, Wambui’s jacket stole the show.  The fashion forward of Manhattan swooned over the deep colors in rich waxed cotton, then kept coming back to the flattering fit, the hand-sewn details, the price. (“This would be at least $1500 at Barney’s!” they murmured appreciatively, taking turns trying it on.)   Crisp and fresh and uber-chic in scarlet, aubergine, cobalt, Wambui made a splash in the big city, and she wasn’t even there.

Wambui was in Dar Es Salaam, the creative and fashion capital of Tanzania, sewing up a whole new line for her Trunk Show at ibu next week.  Though a native of Kenya, Wambui (whose name roughly rhymes with Drambuie),  and husband, Kip, a dealer in African antiques, and their daughter, Kaya, make Tanzania home.  When I first met her tall, willowy self, I immediately asked her to model for ibu - so stunning she is.  After a day beguiling the camera, Wambui then surprised me with a glimpse of what else she could do.  Couture jackets.  And I say couture because each pattern and stitch, covered button and pocket slit, is sewn by her hands in a wholly original way.  I was knocked out. 

When I use the words Global Glamour to describe ibu, as I often do, I think of Wambui’s world:   New York and Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam dazzling Hollywood (as she most certainly did), or the little glam Kaya charming the socks off of Charleston.  Global Glamour is the best of all creative minds finding inspiration in one another, marrying colors and playing off patterns and embracing the exciting combustion of eclectic worlds

Little Kaya in ibu’s   baby turban   and   bloomers   and   elephant   .

Little Kaya in ibu’s baby turban and bloomers and elephant.

Next Friday evening, please help me welcome Wambui and Kip and little Kaya to ibu and be the first to see what fresh creations this exciting designer has conjured over the winter in Tanzania. Come meet the world of Wambui.  Have a sip of Drambuie.  Be smitten again by our world in all its dazzling glamour.  

Until then.
all the best -
Susan Hull Walker