My good friend, Suzanne Pollak, throws ibu kuba pillows on a leather settee and brings the colors of her African childhood to Rainbow Row.  The fading stucco over brick, stable doors, organic table — all reveal her down-to-earth self, her chic style, as well as her worldly imagination. As Dean of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, Suzanne keeps tongue planted in cheek and riffs on classic French recipes the way she riffs on her 18th century home.  With jazzy, sassy panache.

Which is where ibuHome loves to be - in the middle of ariff.  Keeping the history of a house humming along while adding new harmonies of one’s own.  Improv - in life as well as in style -  is bold and fun.   

Carolyn Evans book, The Forty Beads, tackles the subtle negotiations of the bedroom.  So I was thrilled to see that she chose an ibu pillow of erotic lore from India to grace her bed, along with a stunning ibu indigo wedding blanket over the headboard, so that hand-drawn images of harmony and prosperity dance above her and her husband’s head.  Designer Angie Hranowsky helped put these together - a casual take on a formal silk pillow makes the riff even more catchy and fresh.

In my own home, I left the original fabric standing - the plaster walls and ceiling medallions, the pocket doors, mantles, transoms.  But in the little, changeable ways, I made it mine.  Pillows, throws, table coverings, textiles — these immediate changes play and spin on the basic tune of your home.  A bold streak of leather, the textural rub of raffia, a luscious hand-embroidered silk - the way to make a room of your own.

January is a time of homing, curling up around the hearth, stirring a chunky soup, luxuriating in long nights in bed.  Which is why ibu has designed and created a collection of one-of-a-kind pillows to make your hearth sing. I shower pillows and throws and cloths all over my home - on beds and sofas and tables and hallways, up the stairs . . so as to never be without the music.  This month, I am doing a new riff on my home, just noodling things around to keep it fresh and adding a missing piece here and there. To keep the global band playing.  And just to make it more fun, ibu put most of our pillows and throws on sale by 30%.  Two weeks only.  

Join me?  Happy to chat over coffee in the showroom.  Let’s jam.

all the best -
Susan Hull Walker