ibu turns ONE!

ONE YEAR.  A lot can happen.  You can open a store, set up a workroom, bust out a rooftop.  You can build a team, invite your friends, get to know your neighbors. You can host, say,  twenty events and a dozen Trunk Shows, scout nine photoshoots, zip off for seven buying trips, put on two style shows, a couple of website launches, take the game to New York, and shoot a video.  You can gain and lose colleagues.  You can learn more than you wanted about withholding and workmen’s comp.  You can fall in love with your life.

I cannot imagine it any other way.  This year has given me, more than anything, people I love - filling up my days until they overflow with the bounty of it.  The Team at ibu is a source of great inspiration for me, and the women whose artistry we offer are a constant motivation to keep the movement growing. Our collaborators and allies are joy.  This year of beginnings - 365 candles of light.

So, will you stop in this Saturday and let us give you a hug and a beautiful piece of cake and our deepest thanks?  Because without you, this is nothing.  You are our merriment, our sisterhood of she-bu and he-bu and our reason for charging into Year Two.  

There’s another Big Treat we cooked up for the Big Day, even if you want to pass on the bubbly and cake..  Daniel Valasco, super-magnificent fashion illustrator whose brilliance you have been seeing in our CatWalk Chronicles (see below) will be here in the showroom on Saturday.  To do YOUR illustration.  For $30, you can get your stylish self dressed in ibu and then captured on paper in a five minute flurry of creativity.  Frame it, publish it, put it on stationary - it is yours for the keeping.  Huzzah!

So, come celebrate with us if you can.  And if you can’t, know that we are not slowing down.  Just taking a breath at One to say, WOW.  Thanks.  We are so lucky to live this life, and to have you be such a force within it.

all the best -
Susan Hull Walker