What's the Matter with Pants?

In 1993, women were still not allowed to wear pants on the US Senate floor.   I mean, according to a Greek urn from 470 BC, Amazon women wore pants. But women still had a ways to go before wrapping their legs didn’t raise brows and break rules.  

In 1851, women’s advocate Amelia Bloomer wrapped her ankles in a bifurcated petticoat and shocked the world with her bloomers.  In the 1920’s - women pilots wore pants.  1930’s - Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn made them chic.  1940’s - Rose the Riveter went to the factory in coveralls.  In the ‘60s, jeans jumped on the scene.  And only when renegades Carol Moseley Braun and Barbara Mikulski rocked the Senate floor in 1993 did the rule get modified, leading Hillary Clinton to became the first First Lady to wear a pantsuit in her official portrait ten years later.  

Who knew that pants could matter so much?

In India, women in saris are redefining pants for the West. The call themselves Matter. Bold, fun, absolutely irresistible pants. Fantastic design, cotton and silk softness, comfy as pj’s,plus the artisanal goodness is amazing:  ikat, hand-dyeing, hand-weaving, hand-sewing.

Here’s to wearing the pants, and making them oh so terribly attractive while you’re at it.  Here's to pants that Matter.

All the best -

Susan Hull Walker


P.S.  I’m in Marrakech at the moment, visiting new artisan groups and designing up a fab line of summer tunics, caftans, and fall jackets!  Follow my adventure in the days ahead on Instagram for a peek into the magic of this place.