May Days

My niece is unexpectedly blooming with her third child.  ibu interns that I have grown to love are graduating college and heading to New York.  Two men I adore are getting married in another friend’s garden.  A long-time muse is moving away to be near her children in her 85th year.   I feel, in May, acutely and tenderly, the turning of things. 

At ibu, things are changing by the day, growing as a child grows, organically and under the eyes of love.  We have so much budding and bursting forth this May, I thought I’d better flag them before you miss something wonderful.  


That’s it for now.  More will be revealed in the weeks that come.  During this month of blooming and leave-taking, merry-making and marriage, mothers and fine music ~ may the tender moments find sanctuary in your soul.

All the best,
Susan Hull Walker