New Africa


A fashion revolution is erupting across Africa.  Designers, tired of dictates from Paris and New York, are returning to their own folkloric roots to fashion a distinctive sense of body, movement, clothing, even fragrance.  African women are taking to the sewing machine, the beading needle, the spindle to create something out of their own hands and imaginations.  No longer is Africa the object of the West’s obsessions and prejudices.  Africa is defining itself, on its own terms, and ibu is celebrating.  

After all, ibu is all about self-definition: the freedom to write one's own life. So, we are heartened to see widows in Togo fashioning wax printed cotton into swishy skirts.  Masai women are beading cuffs and killer necklaces right out of their own collared artistry.  Shoes are wrapping up the ankle like the snake bite protectors women have always worn in Namibia.  Tie-dyed goat skin is finding form in clutches from Ethiopia.  Fur from ranching food production becomes bags of wild desire.  Fluffy cotton hands-spun cotton from Dorze become billowing caftans for a summer’s night.  

Add these treasures to your Wish List.  Email  to reserve something you love before it is launched on May 18!

Add these treasures to your Wish List.  Email to reserve something you love before it is launched on May 18!

Will you help us celebrate this movement of color, imagination, light, freedom?  Even as violence and poverty darken the lives of many in parts of Africa, yet we celebrate these who are constructing a new life in the midst of it.

Join us on WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 at 6:00 pm for the launch of
THE NEW AFRICA:  an ibu collection.

If in Charleston, do not miss!  Our rotating gallery space will be transformed into another continent entirely.   The drum rhythms of Africa will lead us there.   Images and words will make it come alive.  Food and drink will make us merry.  Our rooftop promises a splendid sunset.  And you will have a chance to shop the collection, of course.  Lots of new gifts - in limited quantities - will only last as long as they last!

If you’re far away, join us online that evening and we will offer up our best to you digitally.  Either way, please be a part of our summer months and join us in elevating The New Africa.  


all the best,

Susan Hull Walker