Dear ibu allies,

I was just leaving my dinner table at Indaco after a foursome with friends when a woman approached me.  I had noticed her at the table across the room - her intelligent glasses rimming an eager, curious face.  I’m really not stalking you, she said.  Please believe me.  But I live in Chicago and follow your work on Social Media and I’ve read your website and I love what ibu is doing . . . not to mention this jacket you are wearing  . . . (well, I was wearing ibu, after all . . .)  Endearingly Annie Hall-ish, she asked to see more.

Eight of her out-of-town friends stopped by our studio, and the next week, another dozen or so of her family and friends, also in town.  By the third visit, Brooke Hummer and I were humming along, fast becoming not only friends, but allies.

Brooke was opening her own Photography Studio in Chicago. ibu was opening itself to the world.  All that came together this past weekend when we converged in Brooke’s all-white studio in the charmingly gritty meat-packing district.  

Saturday.  Urban Jungle photoshoot on the train tracks and under the odoriferous overpass where Brooke would go any length to get the best angle.


Sunday.  A Trunk Show brought Brooke’s loyal and astonishingly creative friends out to meet ibu.  Contacts were made and inspiration sizzled.  Brooke took photographs of each visitor wrapped in ibu.  This led to spontaneous eruptions of … well, joy.

Thank you, Brooke, and all of our new conspirators in Chi-town!  Here’s to turning strangers into friends, men into advocates, and women into a great and swelling movement of joy.


All the Best - 
Susan Hull Walker