Charlotte Moss has worked in New York City for 35 years, but she still carries the aura of the south with her,  a graciousness that pervades her home interiors, her books on gardening and houses, her designs for furniture, rugs, wallpaper, lighting, textiles, all.    And she is revered for it.  Named one of the world’s Top 20 Interior Designers, her awards and accolades fill the page, and yet Charlotte considers her greatest accomplishments those in the world of service, where she is known for her generosity and and leadership in getting things done.    

Charlotte is an ibu, anyway you call it.  Respect always accompanies her name, and that is, after all, the meaning of ibu.  But the definition I love best was coined by her celebrated colleague who introduced her for a yet another award, and after long cloying introductions of others, went simply to the point.  “Charlotte is a kick-ass Southern chick who get’s s* done!.”

She found ibu while in Charleston one year, giving the keynote address for the Gibbes Museum, and loved our things as well as our mission.  A growing friendship led to visits, which led to conversation, which led to a beautiful collaboration in the making.

Always one to look grand in her impeccable wardrobe, we asked Charlotte to design a line of clothing for ibu.  After her 40 years on the road, traveling the world, we wanted to know those pieces she turned to again and again.  Signature, classic, simple, bold, beautiful.  And fun.  Charlotte jumped at the chance and off we go!

Look for designs to debut in Fall, 2017.  Until then, know that the wheels are turning, the designs are being drawn, the artisans are at the ready.  We simply can’t wait for what we know will be a spectacular new collection.  Charlotte is all in, getting it done!