When I asked Charlotte about her favorite design motif, she went immediately to the anthemion - a graceful form of the palmette found in ancient Greeck, Roman - even Egyptian - architectural elements.  Fronds, as on a palm, growing upward, embracing the light.  We put it on her logo and labels for ibu and thought how strong it would be to share this symbol throughout her collection, a common motif of prosperity and beauty rendered in techniques unique to each region represented.    

In the cold mountains of Kyrgyzstan, felted wool conveys totemic and culturally sacred symbols, usually on rugs or yurts: the sheep’s horn suggesting wealth, bird’s wings bringing freedom, or a vessel of hospitality, containing kumiz, a fermented horse milk you would most definitely want to offer your guests.

And now, meet the Anthemion Jacket - felted out of wool on silk by the Seven Sisters of Kyrgyzstan.  Zhanyl and her sisters, well-versed in their own cultural symbolic language, took on this challenge with amazing skill; nestled on the back of felted jackets is Charlotte’s signature anthemion, gently cradled like a secret by their own ancient shapes . . . a perfect cultural fusion.


In our first design session, Charlotte brought out her drawings of a Keeper Coat, a long sweeping affair that is perfect for an evening out over a long dress, or just as chic over leather pants and boots.  “Keeper Coat”, as in, you will want to keep this for a lifetime!   (Plus we made it in Petite so you lovely ones of lesser height won’t have to hem the gorgeous felted border).   Then, cutting if off severely, Charlotte designed the Cropped Jacket for those who like things fitted and short, (we hear you!)  And the Anthemion Jacket - thigh length for those who want to wear this in the daytime, over anything.    There’s a stunning Totemic long dress, plus deluxe shawls in Charlotte’s palette  

We’re absolutely thrilled to offer these classic pieces from the Kyrgyz.  Keepers,  yes.  Symbols of grace and prosperity, peace and bounty.  May the words of these clothes speak to you, bless your wearing, and make of your days a rich, storied, abundant grace.

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker


October is quickly approaching and the sun is still shining bright and hot here in Charleston. Want the perfect transitional evening piece hinting at fall while still keeping you cool in these warmer temps? We have you covered here at ibu. This stunning hand felted empire dress by Seven Sisters in Kyrgyzstan is the most brilliant shade of blue. Slip into metallic wrap up sandalsdrape a coordinating felted shawl over your shoulder, snatch an elegant pair of Jewel’s earrings, and stack up our ibu signature river rock necklaces and Etkie glass beaded cuffs. Lastly grab an exquisite hand beaded bag adorned with an Ethiopian cross and hit the town with style and grace!


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