Radha and Krishna are dancing down by the river under a canopy of palm branches and moonlight, lovers for all time. In the iconography of India, these two make human and real the love between all that is masculine and feminine: she the supreme goddess and he the grinning mischievous blue-faced god who plays his flute and keeps aloft the dance of life.

Together, Krishna and Radha elicit love and devotion rather than adherence to religious laws. They encourage play, since divine play, music, dance, and jest, at least in their story, is what makes the Universe go round.

Devotees in the village of Nathdwara in Rajasthan paint on cloth images of these nighttime trysts as visual texts relaying stories from the Bhagavad Gita. Hanging in Krishna’s temple, they conjure the seat of love in a person’s own heart.

These hangings are called Pichwai, later used not only in temples but in homes as icons of devotion. I cannot get enough of them. Hang them throughout my house. But, I thought, what better place for this story to dwell in one’s home than...on the bed? (Or, you might suggest, on the love seat)?

So, here at the ibu studio, we have taken these precious painted cloths and created bolsters to invite divine eros into your bedroom. Or anywhere. They are long and lean and exquisite, backed in vintage sari fabric and often edged in glimmering sari trim. They are an investment, I warn you now, like love. We’ve seen them nowhere else. Each is a storied treasure.

It just goes to show, a pillow is not just a pillow. Sometime it is an invitation. Why not lean in?


All the Best - 
Susan Hull Walker