It’s time we talk philosophy. I’m a bit bored with the little questions, like what is next year’s Pantone color, after we tire of this year’s orchid tee shirts. Let’s wade a little deeper into sartorial waters and ask questions like: What are clothes for? Why do we conceal ourselves, but then ornament (and thereby reveal) ourselves? How do my threads define me?

Let’s start with the fact that clothing is a language;  your clothes say volumes about you before you open your mouth. Men have said to me that they don’t want to make a statement with their clothes . . . as though their blue button down shirt and khaki pants don’t peg exactly where they perch in the food chain. We can’t escape the fact that our clothes reveal us; they always do. So, exactly what do you want them to say?

Ibu has done a lot of button gazing about these questions in order to clarify our philosophy of dress. We believe clothes are for more than keeping out the cold; they are our second skin, our corporal vocabulary, our wordless exclamation! From a conventional approach to dress (which starts with corporate designers dictating fashion from the Outside In), Ibu advocates a zestier approach (one that starts with your colorful Interior life and moves Out, thereby planting you, flower fruit and stem, in the world).  

Ibu also believes clothes can connect people: the artisan with the ally who wears her handmade story. So much more intimate than factory to mall, we love the subversive warp and woof of women writing with threads and compañeros across the globe wearing this poetry out loud. And with panache.

This means that priorities shift ~


That’s for starters. We’ll come back to this. Just want to get us all moving into this new year with our genie out of the bottle. But be forewarned. With these moves . . . your uncorked self is out. Magic happens.

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker