Here’s what I didn’t expect when I started down the road of Ibu. Men. I didn’t know that men would flock to our showroom, pour over our ibulliance newsletter, write notes of encouragement, tell their friends. I didn’t know that men would ask for Ibu clothing of their own. I didn’t know men would love Ibu. 

But they do. A whole flock of He-bu are running around, overheard at bars talking up the movement, decorating their offices with Ibu goods, tucking that pocket square proudly in their jacket.  

So, hey, I’m listening. In deference to you guys, I’m happy to announce our stunning Moroccan jackets - created just for you. Yeah, man. Softens the usual blazer by 1000%, while adding a subtle splash of sartorial confidence to the whole affair which, if you haven’t noticed, is irresistible. My husband scooped one up and made off through the holiday season like everyone’s favorite pet - women couldn’t stop stroking his back - the Moroccan cashmere is so soft and the cut is so, well, sexy.    

The strong, simple embroidery work and hand-made buttons are crafted by women in Morocco. I’m going to see them tomorrow, in fact, cooking up more of these handsome affairs just outside of Marrakech. On the plane headed there now.  Will send report soon.

I’m truly grateful to have this huge wave of support from the men in my life. Like my friend, Eddie, here, who, after two weeks on vacation in Europe, jumped off his plane and came running straight to our photoshoot, no stopping at go, because, well, I asked. Early office hours in his medical practice the next morning didn’t keep him from staying out late and kicking up some fun for the cause. Love Eddie. Love all of you guys, True He-bu. Men of Respect. You make our movement stronger, gentler, and, yes, more fun.  

Here’s one for you.

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker


Guess what? Women love these jackets, too! Like our Ambassador Ali MacGraw, who loves the casual boxy cut over jeans. And men have walked out with our long, so called women’s cut as well, so what the heck - get the one you like!  Long or short, man or woman, blue, black or white - the coat’s a winner.