There is a stillness to this moment in the year, a quiet between merriments, a deep breath slipping in. I’ve come away to the mountains of New Mexico to pause before the new year, to sink into the long nights, the bracing cold, the snowy dark. And to recreate.

A blizzard is barreling through as I write this, whiteness piling on the coyote fence; the fire is popping in the fireplace as darkness creeps in... and I think, what could I love more? In stillness and in quiet, we are returned to our essential selves and made new. I give in to it, this silence, this good and fertile darkness which holds all possibilities.

I have dreams for the new year as ibu grows. New collaborations and designs which excite me, a runway show, rich travel and a growing team of allies. But here I return to the the center of it all, the still point from which all else emanates, and that is my commitment to the women of the world, all of us, you and me included, who yearn for self-articulated lives.  For livelihood and freedom, dignity and respect, for boldness and strength to shape our world into a more beautiful place. I touch the heartbeat at the center of my life, and again, I am renewed.  

Here, locals welcome the dark by putting out luminarias along the roadside, lighting one another’s way with candle-glow. It’s all we need - the light from one another. The visible hope, as ancients practiced it, in the return of the sun, even as it creeps to it’s lowest point in the sky. The wager on an impossible new year. All begins in the pregnant darkness, the luxuriant silence. All begins at the center, the still point, the place where dreams are born. May you dive deep into this stillness, and find wonder living there.

Here is to your new year, and ours together, allies in the dreaming dark ~

all the best -
Susan Hull Walker