Sally was in college when her brother came to work with ibu.  She heard him talk incessantly about his new endeavor; like any younger sister she wondered what planet he had landed upon. But Sally came to the first ibu Pop-Up Shop and just like that she knew why he was hooked, because she was, too. Sally went to her brother, Austin, and said: I love ibu. I love what you all are doing. I want to buy everything. But this is all I can afford, so I’m going to buy it. She held one of our signature ikat bags in her hands and proudly carried it home, filled with ibu stickers which she pasted all over her car.  

Austin never forgot Sally’s words. For two years, he has been working toward a collection of hand-made items, crafted by global women artisans, that friends and sisters like Sally can afford. The result is Shebu...our new collection of clothing, jewelry, and gifts for women who love the chic, but still are working on the chips. 20-35 years olds, or anyone young at heart. Breezy, fun, hip. Rad.    

I get a lot of help on these things from team ibu, all of whom are under 35. They are styling the looks, instagraming like life depended on it, dressing their bitmoji in ibu, having a ball. 

The great force of this marvelous generation is their care of the world. They work less for money than for meaning. They care less about owning than about belonging to a large vision. And doing something that matters.

This is for them. Because ibu is a luxury brand, but more. I want to showcase here the finest artisan skills in the world and am willing to pay for that gorgeousness. Still, ibu is a movement, and a movement is for everyone. Especially this generous-hearted group of young women: rising ibu, fierce and fearless Shebu

Venita and Landon, two of our own rock stars, styled and modeled our new Shebu looks - see them here. You’ll recognize their fresh faces, their beautiful love of all things ibu. We thank them for leading the charge. Please send this news to a young-at-heart friend! 

The heart of Shebu will always be Sally. Here’s to Bubby and Sis, to all brothers and sisters, and the tender song that hums between them.


All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker