I love the early dark that comes with this season, how the deep sky silently glitters, how people the world over light candle, lantern, hearth, and tree; they turn toward the stars. Under the enveloping darkness, we reach for friends, we gather to imbibe spirits, we throw festivities, put on our best clothes and take to the town.    

Wanting to claim a little dazzle in the darkness, I asked good friends Suzanne, Eddie, and Amanda to hit the town and let us put the Ibu love on them. We’ve been designing up a storm all summer and now our holiday pretties are here. I thought you’d want to know what an Ibu wears to a holiday party, a concert, a dinner party.  

Let’s start with our new ikat skirts, above, artfully tailored by women in Uzbekistan. We’ve put a fun bit of petticoat under the tea-length skirt, so you can wear it any time of day, and then went for a little drama for the evening’s full length beauty. And Eddie sports our new Moroccan Men’s Jacket - in a Moroccan cashmere soft enough to keep everyone pawing at your back. Because you men have been asking

Stunning are our longs skirts hand sewn by widows in Togo. The vivid wax print says holiday fun all over it. Men, don’t go out without a colorful he-bu pocket square in your jacket from Kenya. It’s simply the difference between boring and bodacious.

With our remarkable artisans in Kyrgyzstan, we’ve been cooking up new colors and styles - this sanguine red, graphic jackets, dresses long and short, skirts that open over leggings. Bold. Beautiful. Chic.

And for gracious at-home entertaining, how about this hand-embroidered caftan from the women in Pakistan.  The essence of gorgeous, no?

We had a great time on the town, that night. I think you will too when you torch it up with Ibu and go rock the dark. Just know you’ll be bringing light not just to your celebration, but to the celebrating women of Togo, Kenya, Pakistan, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and beyond, whose lives are changed by this work. I say, let yourself glow.

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker