When massive flooding hit Pakistan in 2010, submerging 1/3 of the country and disrupting 20 million lives, a group formed itself to aid in restoring the shattered pieces: Poetic Threads of Pakistan. Ever since, they’ve been working with artisans throughout the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, located along the Afghan border, which is rife with conflict but also rich in cultural and textile history. Gorgeous hand-embroidery is the cultural language women there know and use to ornament their own garments. It’s now employed by women to create income, and timeless beauty for the world.

Two friends from my Santa Fe summers began this work:  Marisa and Mansoor. From this lovely liaison, ibu is happy to offer a new line of fitted jackets, long and short tunics, and scarves in linen and cotton artfully ornamented by Pakistani women of the needle and thread. We have a popular black and white series (above), and soon fabulous tunics (at right) will arrive in pewter or midnight, lit up with that tangy chartreuse.

Now, these women have expanded to include these new caftans, tops, and jackets: