We hear from you men each week at ibu headquarters - we know that you read ibulliance with relish. Truth is, we love our loyal he-bu men, so squarely on the bus. Just one thing. We need to get you in a scarf. Really. You will look not only sensitive, sexy, intelligent, but irresistible. I mean, look at Desmund Tutu with the Dalai Lama. Irresistible. Women will all ask you, with hopeful eyes, are you a he-bu (definition, man on the ibu bus)?

So, we want to help you out by offering a little primer on Men in Scarves in case you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Maybe you can casually forward this to the gift giver in your life with an oh, so discreet hint. "All I want for Christmas is a little ibu scarf..."

All the best,
Susan Hull Walker