Ruby is my newest little god-child, or Guide-child to be exact, here modeling a stylish splash of ibu red. My husband and I don’t have children, but six astonishing god-children, four close-to-our-hearts nieces and nephews, and 4 of their progeny still in the tiny department. Our holidays are happily punctuated with the gurgling and coo of babylove, the precious ruby-rich promise of all things young, nascent, in bud.  

We all come to a point, midway through our years or slightly beyond, when we need to let the abundance of our lives flow on to the little ones, their hands and mouths hungry for the wonder.

We want, with a great and urgent kind of wanting, to give the Goodness to the next round of revelers in this life. Eric Erikson mapped the life stages, calling this Generativity, the moment in an adult’s life that comes after you figure out Autonomy, Industry, Ego identity, Intimacy (ha! as though we finally tie those up with a bow)...but still, then comes this very human need to give out of fullness of who we have become. We are generators with power overflow. We feel the abundance. The effulgence. The love spilling out.

Which is why ibu was born. There was just too much Life to hold it all in my hands.

So, here’s my toast to little ones, on this Christmas Eve day. Even little ibu. They come to us all mangered down and curled in our care. Yet they grow in stature and greatness, if we let them, tethered to an uncommon star. May we all follow such brightness to the little ones, and let them lead us, always and evermore, into love.

All the best,
with holiday cheer and gratitude ~
Susan Hull Walker