In Rwanda, women are on the move. Indego Africa works with women artisans all over the country, not only promoting their craft but educating them in technology, leadership, business, and graduating them into economic self-sufficiency. As a result, 53% of the graduates start their own businesses, making room for others to be trained. 

92% of the women artisans have a banking account, and

88% have mobile phones, essential to their entrepreneurship.

Who knew a Year End Impact Report could hold me like a page turner? The numbers inspire, the faces galvanize. In a country decimated by the 1994 genocide, women are now leading the way to something wholly better. It’s a new year celebration in every way.  

Women on average invest 90% of their income into their families, as opposed to 30-40% for a man. So, a woman’s income has a greater multiplier effect, in that those 5 or more little ones are getting to school now, also. That’s a celebration, don’t you know? 89% of these women managed to pay for their children’s education AND medical insurance for their families. Huzzah!

Our colorful ibu baby rompers and bonnets and little giraffes are sewn up by these women, above, of the Umutima cooperative in Kigali. Umutima means ‘heart’ in the language of Kinyarwanda, and heart is pounding palpably in all of the beautiful, impeccably sewn pieces that we receive. You can feel the love. You can touch the hope of these women, rising into their own possible lives. And we, with them.

Celebrate the new with us. This wild, rife hope. And when you have the chance, give a little heart to a tiny ibu-in-training. Bottoms up!