Elizabeth hand flutes linocuts just like she did when teaching art at the College of Charleston. But, now, in addition to making her prints on paper, Elizabeth is taking her intricate creations and putting them on silk. Founding The Sisters Grimm a couple of years ago, Elizabeth offers scarves and pocket squares for men and women, each one layered in symbol, history, and accompanied by a poem of her own making. Her Explorers Series includes pockets squares in honor of Marco Polo, Montezuma and Squanto.

Her latest series of scarves are inspired by iconic women and their talismans: Himiko, an ancient Japanese shaman queen, and Yemoja, the mother and ocean spirit of the African Yoruba tribe.

Elizabeth’s work is a tremendous addition to the ibu collection. We’re proud to collaborate with her, thereby offering artisanal work both global and local.

Take a look at the scarves and squares below...and the hand-printed boxes in which they come. We’re intrigued with reading the veiled secrets in The Sisters Grimm - think you will be, too.