Himba women don’t have a lot of spare water with which to bathe, living as they do in the arid plains of Namibia. So, they resourcefully cover their skin with the red ocher of the land to protect themselves against sun and dry air and mosquito bites. And then, to add a touch of mystery and moisture, they perfume this paste with an aromatic resin called Omumbiri. We call it myrrh.

Himba women wild-harvest this resin exuding from their native trees. It's steam distilled and mixed with natural Kalahari Melon Seed oil, harvested by another women’s cooperative. The result is mbiri, a luxurious line of body wash and body lotion. I’m crazy about the exotic fragrance, like nothing else I have ever put on my skin.


I found mbiri through friends who just returned from six weeks in Africa where they source artisan goods. They have watched the development of this product for three years. Now I’m thrilled that ibu is the first and only to offer it in this country. All natural, organic, good for you; approved by Beauty Without Cruelty, The Vegan Society, and the fair-trade initiative in Southern Africa. And it is so moisturizing and luscious...

Lather up your shower time with something exotic. Lotion up for the winter dry. Better than gold or frankincense... the magic of myrrh. The women of Namibia will be overjoyed.