You have black pants in your closet, right? Maybe a pair of black leggings, a tee, a turtleneck . . . a great white shirt? And blue jeans . . . I'm just guessing. If you have any of these, you've got basics. It's all you need. 

If you've got nothing to say.  

For a bit of my style philosophy (you didn't ask but here it is anyway), I love a good basic - comfortable, well-fitted - a second skin I don't have to think about too much. Basics have been perfected by countless companies in the US in knits and denim and tailored by too many designers to name. They're out there by the thousands - choose your flavor . . . they don't differ by a lot.  

When I put on basics, I feel like a well primed canvas. At that point, my wardrobe looks and sounds like any one else, really. And then I get to speak. Then, I get to give voice to the color I am feeling that day, the texture I am longing to touch, the unapologetic declaration of who I am. Then, I choose the One Bold Thing that distinguishes my life from the rest. 

Ok, if you know me, you know it may be three bold things, or five . . . but the point is, the last layer is the most important - it is pure YOU going out into the world. The earrings you select, the shoes you slip into, the bag you clutch, the wrap. All are ways that the rest of the world will take your temperature, will gauge your energies, will read what's real.

This is where Ibu excels. We bring you things that the rest of the companies in this country cannot . . . tools by which you declare your allegiances, your belonging, your curiosities, your inclinations. Because each thing at Ibu is utterly unique, you speak with the powerful uniqueness that you are. So, this Fall, we've come up with a whole collection to put at least One Bold Thing on top of your basics.

Take, for example, the Hidden Jazz Club jacket. Start with black all over and throw this baby on . . . and you've still got a very chic, all black ensemble as you head to work. Only you know that an entire jazz club is playing inside your being. People will notice, will get a trace of music and laughter seeping out at the cording and cuffs but only when you walk to lunch and let it flap in the breeze will they see what a bold bad-ass woman you really are. For dinner and dancing, you will turn this reversible gem inside out and belt your song from the rooftops if you like. It's the perfect One Bold Thing.

Of course, if you're like me, you will want to add a grand gold Fulani earring - simple and clear and unmistakably bold. And bracelet cuffs of the same. And a fuchsia velvet ikat bag when you go out that evening. Or not. But the point is . . . you decide how bold you want to be.  How much you have to say.

Just, for heaven's sake, don't stop at Basic. That's like signing your life, by Anonymous. Say who you are. Speak up with something. Make it fuschia or full-on tangerine - I don't care. Just say something true. Something you. 

Because you are, after all, the One Bold Thing that really matters.  

All the Best,

Susan Hull Walker