My father’s library occupied the top floor of our home where the professor graded papers, wrote books, and revved the considerable engine of his mind. In the basement, my mother presided over a world of onionskin patterns, a rattly Singer sewing machine, and some pretty awesome home couture. My room hovered in between.

It wasn’t entirely surprising that early on I followed in my father’s wake, in love with locution, logos, the power of of words, the quest for meaning. The elevated life of the spirit.

Yet along the way, a hunger grew in me for the material world as well, a need for ballast, for gravity as well as grace. And so, after 18 years as a minister, I’ve spent another 18 years learning about the thingness of things. Learning, like my mother, to be a maker with my hands, a weaver, a creator of properties material and tactile.

Today, I find myself standing at a fulcrum where these two balanced worlds live in a marriage of substance and style, meaning and matter. I am feeling the gift of both my parents in the pattern of my life. And gratitude is the word of the day.


ibu will open its first bricks and mortar home in the world tonight. My whole life path seems to wind toward this bright orange door.  Here is a nest for my spirit, a movement in which to grow in ever widening circles, work for hand and imagination, and a company of allies with whom to celebrate this colorful world. I hope this will be a home for your spirit as well!

On Saturday, when we welcome the public to our new Showroom, it will be 9 months to the day since we first stepped into the building to have a look. May 7 - March 7. Do ask your friends to come visit baby ibu, born of the whole world, welcomed by a family of allies, and ready to grow strong in your good care.


Cigars! Balloons! Champagne!!!


see you tonight!

All the best,
Susan Hull Walker