Before Isis was a jihadist militant group, the name belonged to an Egyptian goddess worshipped across the entire Graeco-Roman world. As the fierce mother goddess who ruled over all, she wore a headdress in the form of a throne and bore wings that sheltered the world. 

In Egypt, where mythology and beauty saturate the imagination, ibu has found treasure. A group of weavers founded to continue their ancient tradition have now expanded through the fashion-forward leadership of Lebanese designer, Sylva Nasrallah. Using textiles from all over the world, Sylva designs exquisite original pieces that are hand-made in her studio in Cairo.


I met up with Sylva’s sister and representative a the Textile Symposium in Savannah, and fell in love with the exquisite pieces coming out of her sister’s studio. With the goal of empowering the weavers and the seamstresses through this fine original work, Sylva is creating a global fusion in women’s clothing.

I fell for the boiled wool jackets, rich in color and detail, finely crafted. Pleats give way to swing, silk finishes give a hint of sheen, and colorful trim adds fun. Great shapes and fit are met with a great price. I was sold. And now they’re here for winter sportiness and casual work-day panache.

Here’s to the original Isis, who, as the stories go, enriched her people and her land under benevolent wings. May our world today find shelter under the sovereign strength of mothers...and may those mothers, our ibu, our artisans, our bearers of beauty and tradition, find their rightful throne.


All the best,
Susan Hull Walker