Michelle Nussbaumer has a wandering eye. Having lived in Mexico, Italy, LA, and Switzerland and traveled to places far beyond, the Dallas designer absorbs the cultures of the world through her discerning eye and reflects them, prismatically, in her stunning home and those of her clients. Her interiors evoke mystery through lighting, color, texture, fabric, metals, mirrors, tiles, and hand-crafted soul. Layers of diverse cultures play with one another; she orchestrates the voices of artisans around the world into a chorus of song.

Long an admirer of Michelle’s designs, I am now thrilled to welcome this celebrated taste-maker to ibu next Wednesday.  Her new book has just been released, detailing some of her grand and yet intimate interiors, each one uniquely realized, and punctuated with the poetry of the world.


Wanderlust: Interiors that Bring the World Home is a stunning book of inspiration. It is rare to find a designer who speaks so directly to the very heart of Ibu style. Michelle loves the very textiles - and their stories - that I have long cherished and collected and now offer at Ibu. Charismatic, bold, and adventurous, this is a woman I believe you’ll want to meet.

She will speak of her travels and design inspiration and sign her new book to you or your intended - a beautiful gift for the holidays - one that I hope shows up under my tree!  

Please join us in welcoming Michelle to Charleston and give yourself some fresh oxogen for the soul. Bring all of your friends who love their homes, love to travel, or simply love the beauty of this world and introduce them to Ibu, please. 

And for that world, splendidly diverse, wildly colorful, and ever-changing, let us give thanks. As tomorrow, and everyday, I give thanks for you, our friends and allies, moving forward together.  

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker