When you’ve got the Mythic Mountain at your back - iconic, volcanic, auspicious - watch out.  Adventures are just beginning. Or an epic horseback ride galloping over your right shoulder? Get ready for anything.

We found a treasure trove of vintage haoris, already old and collected when they were put in storage 35 years ago, and gasped as the gorgeousness of each one surpassed the last. Haori’s are men's kimono-like coats worn in Japan, usually a quiet elegant black silk bearing a small family crest. Only the wearer knows the story that rages inside the folds of that jacket. From legends of bravery and myths of great love, the back inside panel rings out with confidence. Imagine what it feels like to carry that story so close (literally!) to your heart, while no one else suspects what courage you hold? It’s what we all do, all the time, actually. Carry our brave tales inside us, untold.  

But it is time to let our strength and stories live out loud. In the ibu studio, we have taken the haori and slimmed it up, sleeked down the sleeves, and turned it inside out so the gorgeous understory can blaze.

Completely reversible, you can wear the chic black side as a relaxed evening jacket. But when your spirit is feeling bold, reverse the jacket and announce yourself. A party of people congregate on your back ready to rock and roll. A young girl implores a gentle old man for the bunny in his hand. A pagoda on the horizon holds the promise of home. A mountain begs to be climbed. Go ahead and wear your story.

And the silk! Vibrant chartreuse and champagne gold and deep 80% chocolate brown. The scenes are intricately woven in brocade or painted by hand.

You can see these new reversible beauties on our website, along with our colorful Kimono Ono jackets. While ibu celebrates new work by global women artisans, sometimes we find vintage handmade that we love to share. These connect us to the past, and to the mythic stories that live on in the textiles we love.  

Never let your clothes get tongue-tied. Go ahead and let them speak, sing, roar. Nothing to fear. We’ve got your back.

All the best,
Susan Hull Walker